Grab a solid chunk of
market share in the
Nordics and the Benelux.

Let’s talk about how we can
knock your competition out.

I have been creating wins for giants like

Minimize your costs

Say goodbye to worry about wages, expenses, contracts, and compliance risks

Eliminate Stress

Say hello to
clear communication
resulting in
quick action on time critical matters

Grow your business

Enter and expand fast in the Nordics and Benelux


I realize you have a huge responsibility to create new income streams for your company, and that often means expanding to new territories.

Not an easy task in any economic climate, these days maybe harder so. 

Having to deal with unresponsive, slow to act distributors acting almost as carrier pigeons passing over notes were probably not in your job description. 

And neither were sleepless nights.

I can establish your company strongly in the region while keeping you, sane.

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Wohoo is a great partner, because;

I am a winner…
That makes you, you guessed it;
a winner boss.

Do read about my wins and process in the next sections; then please…

pick up the phone and say;
“Are YOU for real?”

years of
strategic sales work.
0 +
years in retail business;
from sales clerk to
Head of Sales.
0 +
years of enthusiasm
and positivity,
creating great relationships in private and generating money in business!
0 +
We have a proven
track record of growth

An example?
How about an incredible tripling of market share
in only 1 year while maximizing profits for all?

An example?
How about an incredible
tripling of market share in only 1 year
while maximizing profits for all?

An example?
How about an incredible
tripling of market share
in only 1 year
while maximizing profits for all?

our 3 strengths which lead us to such results
our 3 strengths
which lead us to such results
our 3 strengths
which lead us
to such results
Long experience and great reputation

Our huge Nordic and Benelux network, guarantees immediate meetings with all key resellers for quick progress in a startup phase.

Market analysis, strategy, and plan

We create custom campaign plans stretching at least 6 months ahead. Minimizing rushed efforts, and maximizing the potential of each campaign.

Product and
reseller strategies

We carefully choose and position the products that will be most effective for each reseller, thus maximizing the potential in your portfolio.

It is easy to get started

 – and it might be time-critical to get started quickly

Call or email me to book an exploratory meeting.

Why "Wohoo"?

Wohoo is not just a fun name; we picked it because we really do win very often.

And we have a great time doing it.

We have been in the brand side of the business for many years. We understand what you need.

We have extensive knowledge of the local markets and know the key people.

We know what is important for a reseller and what they need to succeed.


By leveraging all our assets we create healthy, long-lasting, and of course profitable relationships that survive even through pandemics.

Yes, proven truth!

2021 - present / Ecovacs

Head of Sales Northern Europe
Strategic account and distribution management in the Nordics + Benelux

Strategic plan with selected resellers and distributor in Benelux region to secure growth targets. 

Initiated strategic partnership model with Elkjøp, Power, Komplett, Coop and others. Grew from 5% market share to 14% market share in 1 year, by carefully selecting partners and focus SKUs.

2018 - 2021 / Bose

Nordic Sales Manager
Responsible for all centrally managed accounts in the Nordics (Elkjøp, Komplett, NoN)
Started and developed Elkjøp team and successfully negotiated globally unique offerings. Lead total internal transformation on customer approach, with team experts, contracts, EDI implementation and service handling. 
European sales expert on selective distribution contract management. Responsible for budget, P&L, contract negotiations, product launches etc.

2013 - 2017 / Sony

Key Acccount Manager, Country Sales Manager
Responsible for sales of all Sony consumer electronics products.

Country Sales Manager of Sony Norway, and leader of Elkjøp Nordic team in Sony. Full budget (90+ MEUR per year), ranging and forecasting responsibility. Set product strategy, channel management, and pricing for my customers. Selective distribution contract management. 

Watch video 39 seconds.

Watch video – 39 seconds.


You love your brand and swear by the quality of your products, am I right?

So… let’s be super nice and bring your amazing products to people while avoiding you stress, your company worrisome expenses… And make money all around.
Win, win, win, win… That’s my philosophy.

Let me tell you why i am this confident.

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Richard Bjerkøe

Head of Wohoo!

+47 91 81 86 86